Science Majors

Do you wish to have a career related to your college major? Science majors do not always have careers directly connected to their majors. Look at the wide variety of careers that science majors have and think of which type of career would allow you to articulate your strengths.

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Scientific Workplace

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The kind of work, employee engineers engaged in research centers and factories are hard to picture. Hence, we visited various firms to investigate. “Scientific workplace” varies according to different types of jobs and workshops. Please enjoy the tour of distinctive staffs working in diverse environments.

Honorable Japanese Makers’ Spirit

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Inheriting the world’s top class technology and progressing them ... Each engineer in companies hold pride and honor regarding their jobs. On an island with limited natural resources, and all of its land almost filled with woods; Japan’s economic growth was supported by the hard work done by the passionate engineers. This column will be introducing the spirit of the engineers who are the key to Japan’s rehabilitation. Hope the DNA of craftsmanship could be felt.